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Through the years, technology have been increasing impact in every industry, with more tech capability, you will need more security, learn how we make impact in the following industries.



Shield classified data with unbreakable encryption for phones, apps, and IT. Secure diplomacy, empower intelligence, and safeguard critical infrastructure.



Collaborate and innovate securely with quantum-encrypted solutions. Unlock your organizations potential in AI, machine learning, with our expertise.



Protect transactions, data, and networks with unbreakable encryption. Mitigate fraud, build trust, and optimize risk analysis with quantum computing.



Secure research, IP, and patient data. Accelerate IT procurement data with solid and faster communication using quantum encryption.

How we protect your data

QuantPaths is a Cyber Security organization that consults, develops and sells solutions to implement data security under quantum encryption.

Quant Phone

Test QuantPaths services with our flagship device, with the following mobile features:

Global connectivity

Quantum encrypted apps

Post Quantum technology

Google pixel terminal

Blackberry certified

Guardian Cylance protection

Service array

Quantum encryprted devices

We demonstrate our value as a company by developing an UEMs with Android-powered devices and making it virtually incorruptible.

Quantum encrypted apps

We can develop applications to enhance secure communication experiences (e.g. encrypted mail system, encrypted personal data storage cloud, etc.). Check our secure messaging system MSQuantum (included in each device)


We bring value as the security arm of our clients, providing security best practices consulting and implementation of quantum encryption products, in alignment with your IT department.


Think that QuantPaths could join your project? contact us and let QuantPaths take care of your data and systems.